Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do I need Aneurysm surgery?

Always ask your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon prior to signing up for surgery what are your risk if you continue conservative management of your aneurysm. Many times surgery is performed because the individuals taking care of you are nervous about leaving the aneurysm alone and continuing surveillance. I hear this often when people come to see me for a second opinion. Most of the time I recommend conservative management and place the patient in our surveillance program. So be careful who is recommending surgery and how many patients they are treating with aneurysms. Many 5 cm ascending aortic aneurysms can be watched carefully. Seek a second opinion from an aortic reference center.


  1. I am under care for a 5.1 cm ascending aortic aneurysm. This was diagnosed 14 months ago. I was wondering what the elements of a conservative management program are...especially as they relate to exercise.


  2. Conservative management means good blood pressure control (100 to 110 and heart 60 to 70's) with at least a low dose beta-blocker like metoprolol and the like. Stop smoking. Serial imaging such as every 6 months. Aerobic exercise is fine but avoid strenuous exercise which results in straining.